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Brandon Enriquez reflects about his exchange experience

During my time on exchange at the University of Edinburgh last fall, the tranquil house on George Square home to the Catholic Students' Union (CSU) and St. Albert’s community became a place I could focus my entire exchange experience.

In the thrill of exploring a new continent, the Sunday night student mass gave me a strong foundation for the week ahead. I found the calming garden chapel and inspiring chaplains to be so drawing that I started coming for daily mass and adoration more often than I ever had. Midweek meals were a great way to unwind, try a new dish, and meet new people. Speaking of the people, the incredible students made the experience all worthwhile. I built friendships and made memories there that will surely last a lifetime. From St. Andrew’s Night to Faith and Reason, the Christmas Carol Concert, Catholicism series, and Doctrine Bites; there was always something great I could find at the CSU.

My only regret regarding my time with the CSU is that it had to come to an end so soon. The CSU helped make my exchange experience exceptional and I now know there’ll always be a place in Edinburgh where I can feel at home.

Brandon Enriquez was an exchange student in Semester 1 2019-2020. He has returned to the US next fall will to continue his final year of studies at Northwestern University.


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