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How St Albert's is dealing with the 'new normal'

Facebook live-streaming Mass, Zoom or Teams calls ("that never end") to the creation of YouTube vlogs or parody song videos, this is life as we currently know it!

Fr John writes “the centre of the outreach from St Albert’s Catholic Chaplaincy is our daily 5:15pm Mass, which is live-streamed on the parish Facebook page, and is available online afterwards. It allows the friars based in Edinburgh – Fr Fergus, Fr Aelred, Fr Dermot, Fr John, and Br Samuel – to continue our daily preaching. This is a resource not only for our parishioners and chaplaincy students, but also for those from nearby parishes and whoever happens to join us online.”

Setting up this streaming has required the innovative use of a laptop and a stepladder, not usually seen in the chapel!

At a time of so much worry, it is good to hear that the students can continue to have fun: the Catholic Students’ Union (CSU) has had to cancel its annual May Ball, but was able mark the event with an online video (see above). They may not be able to eat and dance together, but at least the friendship, support, and prayer has continued!


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